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Make sure your employee benefit program is working for you and your employees when you get help from De Pere Business Center LLC.


Our highly experienced staff will analyze various options to ensure you're spending only on benefits that are truly appreciated by your employees and that actually help you conduct your business.

Experienced analysis of your employee benefits

Keep a handle on the net effect of your plan

De Pere Business Center LLC is a locally owned and operated business, so we are aware of the expenses involved in offering a benefit program.


Let us look at the actual cost of your employee benefits, including the net of tax savings involved, as well as the effect on employee retention and the benefits available directly to you as the business owner.


Because each employee benefit has its own separate and distinct discrimination rules, we'll help you determine what those rules are and who must be included.


In the end, the goal of our highly trained financial and accounting specialists is to help ensure your benefits work for the best interest of your company.

  • 401(k) plans

  • SIMPLE plans

  • SEP plans

  • Health insurance products

  • Medical reimbursement plans

  • Day care benefits

  • Cafeteria plans

  • Disability insurance coverage

  • Long-term care coverage, and many more

Both you and your employees should benefit from your plan

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