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Determine your life insurance and disability insurance needs through knowledgeable analysis by De Pere Business Center LLC.


Don't worry about us trying to sell or solicit homeowners, renters, or auto insurance products, because that's not what we're about. Insurance is just a method of pooling risks that one cannot afford to retain individually, and our role is strictly analytic.


All we want to do is let you know whether you have the coverage you need if someone - either a spouse or children - is dependent on your income.

Knowledgeable insurance analysis

Count on our trained professionals

In Wisconsin, as in most states, an insurance advisor simply has to take an examination

and doesn't need to have experience in the field. As a buyer, you should be aware and always ask questions.

Don’t let disinterested analysts review your insurance plans

Call us today to schedule your appointment


  • What is their college education?

  • What credentials have they obtained?

  • How many years of real experience do they have?

  • Do they have a list of referrals?

Don't leave your insurance needs to chance.


De Pere Business Center LLC's staff is made up of highly trained financial and accounting specialists. We're here to help you make the right insurance decisions!

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