DePere Business Center LLC.
115 S Broadway St • DePere, WI  54115
Phone (920) 336-0103 • Fax (920) 336-1844
DePere Business Center was formed in 1997. We combined the efforts of three accounting firms and two financial planning firms to establish a one-stop shopping center to answer your personal and business needs. The owners and operators of DePere Business Center include:
Thomas G. Zoeller EA, MST, CFP, Ph.D
Tom is a shareholder of De Pere Business Center and serves as President and CEO. He has over 25 years experience in business consulting, tax planning, tax preparation and financial planning. He earned his Enrollment to Practice Before the Internal Revenue Service designation during 1986 (the only tax license issued directly by the IRS), the Accredited Tax Advisor designation in 1991, the Certified Financial Planner designation during 1988, the Certificate in Accounting during 1976, the Associate Degree in Business during 1977, his Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration during 1982, completed his Master's Degree in Taxation during 1995 and received a Ph.D in Tax Law in 2010. Tom is an investment advisor through Packerland Brokerage Services which is licensed for comprehensive investment analysis. Mr. Zoeller has co-authored several texts on tax law and has taught before more than 2,500 tax professionals regarding various tax matters. He has served as an Adjunct Faculty Member of the College for Financial Planning instructing both the Income Tax and Estate Tax sections of the CFP Curriculum. He has also written exam questions that appear on the Comprehensive Certified Financial Planners Examination for Estate Tax Planning.
Robert Phillips, ABA, ATP
Bob is a shareholder of De Pere Business Center and serves as Vice President. He has over 35 years experience in public accounting, tax planning and preparation. He received his Accredited Business Accountant status during 1999 and Accredited Tax Preparer status in 2004. With Bob's experience and up to date knowledge of the tax laws Bob proves to be a true expert for both business and personal income tax related matters.
Michelle Micksch
Michelle is a shareholder and serves as Treasurer of De Pere Business Center and manages the accounting department. She has over seven years experience in public accounting, payroll processing and income tax related matters. She received her Associate Degree in Accounting with honors in 1999, her Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration in 2001 and earned EA in 2004. Michelle's knowledge of accounting, computer systems, payroll tax rules, public accounting and tax related matters proves invaluable for small business owners.