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Piggy bank Retirement plan

Whether you're retired already, preparing to retire soon, or planning for retirement in the distant future, De Pere Business Center LLC can help make it a more successful process.

We want to help ensure you have a plan that never jeopardizes your standard of living during your retirement years.


Let us evaluate your situation and determine how improvements can be made.

Thorough retirement planning services

Professional advice from certified planners

As with many states, Wisconsin doesn't require retirement counselors to take classes or pass exams before offering advice, so it's buyer beware!


Before you choose a retirement professional, ask questions.

Guard your standard of living with the right retirement plan

Call us today to schedule your appointment


  • Review of Social Security benefits

  • Review of your retirement plan (if you're currently employed)

  • Evaluation of investment alternatives

  • Exploration of IRA processes and whether they are appropriate for you

If you're a business owner, we will help you design and implement a retirement plan that is beneficial to your business.

  • What is the advisor's college education?

  • What credentials can they produce?

  • How many years of field experience do they have?

  • What references can they provide?

Your retirement is too important to leave in inexperienced hands!


When you're looking for expert retirement advice, look for the prestigious certified financial planner (CFP) designation from the College for Financial Planning.


CFPs have completed multiple exams and taken a range of training courses that leave you relatively assured the advisor has the educational background and experience you expect and deserve.


De Pere Business Center LLC hires a range of financial and accounting specialists, all ready to assist you!

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